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When used properly, fire extinguishers can save lives and property by putting out a small fire or controlling a fire until additional help arrives.

Let the licensed technicians and knowledgeable staff at First Defense Fire & Safety help you choose the correct size, number and type of extinguisher for your location.  We can save you money by strategically installing new portable fire extinguishers while complying with the fire code requirements.

To extinguish a fire with a portable extinguisher, a person must have immediate access to the fire extinguisher, know how to activate the unit, and know how to apply the agent effectively.  First Defense Fire & Safety can provide comprehensive on site training for your group of employees to properly and safely use portable fire extinguishers.

Fire extinguishers are required to have annual inspections and regular service.  We keep your extinguishers in top shape and ready when you need them.  We perform routine fire extinguisher inspection, testing and maintenance.  All of our portable extinguisher technicians are trained, tested and licensed to service and recharge portable fire extinguishers.
  • Annual Inspections - The NFPA 10 and your local jurisdiction require annual fire extinguisher inspections.
  • 6-Year Maintenance - The fire extinguisher is broken down and checked for damage.  The "O" ring and valve stems are replaced and the extinguisher is recharged.
  • Hydro Test - Every 12 years, the fire extinguisher is broken down and emptied.  The cylinder is tested for defects.  If the cylinder passes, it is recharged and put back in service.  (Required every 5 years for CO2, Water and Class K Fire Extinguishers)

First Defense Fire & Safety professionals are ready to support your organization's fire protection systems. Call now for more information about fire extinguishers.

First Defense Fire & Safety: 713-521-9633 


NFPA 10 Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers

  • Proper Extinguisher for Hazard
  • Up to date 6 year and 12 year maintenance
  • Proper Mounting Height & Bracket
  • Unobstructed Discharge Hose
  • Proper Agent Weight and Pressure
  • Proper Distribution of Extinguishers, Safety Seals and Tamper Indicators in Place
  • Ensure that Extinguisher is Properly Identified and is unobstructed

Fire Extinguisher Types

Dry Chemical Multipurpose (ABC)
Wet Chemical (or Class K)
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Clean Agent (Halon)

Hand Portable sizes: 2-1/2 lb, 5 lb, 10 lb, 20 lb

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